USS Spinoza

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USS Spinoza

Registry NCC-71833
Class Galaxy Class
Launched 2366, OEC
Home Base San Francisco Fleet Yards
Status Academy training vessel.
Location Earth
Affiliation Starfleet Academy

USS Spinoza is a second-generation, Venture-variant of the Galaxy-class. This vessel is reserved for the use of Starfleet Academy.

Cast & Crew

Senior Staff

Post Rank Character Name Player Name
CO Vice Admiral Aldous Eric Hitchens

Ship History

USS Spinoza is a Galaxy-class training starship assigned for the use of Starfleet Academy and commanded by the Academy Commandant.

Originally christened as USS Abraham Lincoln, the Spinoza was renamed and re-designated after a lengthy stay in dry dock following the Dominion War.

At the end of that conflict, USS Abraham Lincoln was due for repair and refit. She was temporarily decommissioned while her staff and crew were reassigned to other posts across the Federation.

The commanding officer of the USS Abraham Lincoln, Commodore Aldous Hitchens returned to Starfleet Academy.

With the renewed emphasis on fleet technology during the 2370s and 2380s, USS Abraham Lincoln and the entire Galaxy-class fleet were left in the lurch. Too big and complicated to refit and upgrade easily, these ships were being put behind construction orders for newer vessels of the Nova, Intrepid and Akira classes even as the new Sovereign-class moved into full production. Sovereign-class construction uses the same facilities as the retrofits of the Galaxy-class, making the situation even more problematic.

USS Abraham Lincoln and her sister ships were eventually refurbished as ordered, but in many cases this occurred years behind schedule. The re-launch of a twenty year old vessel that many still saw as over-sized and underpowered was simply less of a priority than rebuilding the fleet with smaller, more modern ships. The upgrades were completed in 2386, but the ship still lacked a crew and sat for another nine months.

USS Abraham Lincoln was re-commissioned as USS Spinoza in late 2387. At the request of Admiral Hitchens now Commandant of the Academy, the ship was assigned to that institution for use as a training vessel. USS Spinoza is far and away the largest platform ever used for training by the Academy. While the Academy has usually maintained a small fleet of training vessels, these tend to be ships bordering on obsolescence.

USS Spinoza in concurrently used by Starfleet Research and Development to test equipment and possible future upgrades, allowing the ship to serve double-duty and justify removing her as a ship of the line. Some have taken this assignment as a sign that the entire Galaxy-class may be de-emphasized as a front-line platform.