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! bgcolor="#FFD700" | Ops/Engineering
! bgcolor="#d79b29" | Ops/Engineering

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This is a template for playable character pages.

When adjusting 'bgcolor', it should be appropriate to the section the character works in. These are rough guides:

Section Colour Code
Command #B22222
Ops/Engineering #FFD700
Medical/Science #16595E
Civilian #2E8B57


Please note that only the Game Manager (Starfleet Command) is allowed to set the access level and access code for each character.


{{{uniform}}} Species {{{species}}}
Gender {{{gender}}}
Birthdate {{{birthdate}}}
Birthplace {{{birthplace}}}
Posting {{{posting}}}
Rank {{{rank}}}
Insignia {{{rankinsignia}}}
Access Code {{{accesscode}}}
Access Level {{{accesslevel}}}
SN {{{serialnumber}}}
Status {{{status}}}
Played By {{{playername}}}