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Cadets will be required to follow 4 stages before they get assigned to a position.

1st Stage: Application

Anyone interested in joining the game need to apply for Starfleet Academy. This can be done by sending a forum message to the Game Manager.

After completing this step, you will be a Cadet 4th Class.


2nd Stage: Biography

After you received a message from the Game or Personnel Manager that you've been granted application, you need to complete the basic biography (also known as Personnel Record). Send the completed basic biography to the Personnel Manager.

After succesfully completing this step, you will be a Cadet 3rd Class.


3rd Stage: Reporting for Training

After your biography has been approved by the Personnel Manager it will be placed on the wiki. You'll then receive a message to report for training. Do this considering protocols as how you expect them to be.

After succesfully completing this step, you will be a Cadet 2nd Class.


4rd Stage: Training

After you reported for training, a trainer will be assigned to you. He'll conduct your training on protocols, post formats, familiarity with position titles, and the chain of command as well as the sources you need to play this game.

After succesfully completing this step, you will be a Cadet 1st Class.



After succesfully completing all stages of the training you can apply for any open position. These open positions can be found on the rosters and on the main page of the wiki. You can apply for a position by sending a message to the Personnel, Ship or Station Manager. Then you'll start at the rank of Ensign in the position you'll be assigned to.