Starfleet Academy

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Starfleet Academy

Starfleet Academy.jpg
Located on Alpha Quadrant, Earth
Commander Aldous Eric Hitchens
Affiliation Starfleet

Cast & Crew

Senior Staff

Position Rank Name Player
Academy Commandant Vice Admiral Aldous Eric Hitchens Chaucerin
Director of Educational Services Rear Admiral -- --
Commandante Cadets Rear Admiral -- --
Supervisor of Curriculum Commodore -- --
Instructor Captain -- --
Instructor Commander -- --
Instructor Lieutenant Commander -- --


Position Rank Enrolled Name Player
Cadet Cadet 4th Class 11206.12 Enian Vael Randgriz
Cadet Cadet 4th Class 11206.13 William Patten Vesica
Cadet Cadet 4th Class 11206.13 Alarice Fleur d'Epée II Tarlisea

General Staff and Residents


Those Who Serve(d)

(Former) Academy Commanders

Other Assets