Rix Albrun

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Rix Albrun

Uniforms 3.gif Species Human/Betazoid
Gender Male
Birthdate 7106.10
Birthplace Betazoid
Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade
Insignia Lieutenant Junior Grade
Access Code
Access Level
SN 1080716-006-1
Status Inactive Character
Played By Tycholand

Service Record


Awards and Commendations





  • 10807.16 to Ensign
  • 10905.06 to Lieutenant Junior Grade for continued and consistent performance of his duties

Personnel Record

  • Species:
    • Primary Race: Human
    • Secondary Race: Betazoid
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 48
  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Eye Colour: Black
  • Height: 1.87 m
  • Weight: 85.00 kg
  • Other Physical Characteristics: -
  • Birthplace: USS Trafalgar
  • Birthdate: 7106.10
  • Father: Lan Albrun (Betazoid). Starfleet Officer. Various postings. Served as Chief Engineer on the USS Trafalgar.
  • Mother: Majel Albrun (Human). Starfleet Officer. Various postings. Served as Chief Tactical Officer on the USS Trafalgar.
  • Siblings: Carel Albrun. Serves as a developer of new weapons at Starfleet Tactical.
  • Spouse: -
  • Children: -

Family History

Rix was born on the USS Trafalgar on stardate 7106.10 to Starfleet officers Lan Albrun and Majel Albrun. They both worked their way up to Chief Engineering Officer and Chief Tactical Officer onboard the Trafalgar respectfully. Later, Majel was promoted to First Officer onboard the USS Robin Hood. Rix spent most of his childhood in space, the longest time aboard the Trafalgar, being educated in the various starship schools. As soon as he passed his entrance exam, he went to study psychology at the University of Betazed - graduating cum laude with the top grades in his class, though he never wants to boast about this fact. After graduating, Rix wanted to use his skills and joined a renowned Betazed psychiatrist organization.

Education Background

However, it was during a Starfleet recruitment campaign that the longing to return back to the stars came. Rix signed-up for the Starfleet Academy and obtained another degree in psychology, graduating as second-best in his class. At the Academy, Rix was renowned for his disciplined study, thoroughness and accuracy, but also for getting into a spot of trouble.

Not long after graduating, Rix was offered a position aboard the USS Equilism, which seemed almost too good to be true.

Medical Profile


Rix's parents are now retired and live a happy life on the planet of Betazed. Rix's younger brother, Carel, is based at Starfleet Tactical in San Francisco. He develops new weapons systems for the organization. Despite the vast distances, the family tries to keep in close touch with each other.

In an emergency, Rix is dependable, wants to give clear orders so everyone knows what to do, calm and dependable. He also enjoys a good laugh, is accurate, thorough and is not one to boast about his own achievements. The fact that he is easy-going is illustrated by the fact that his subordinates in the small counseling department are encouraged to call him by his first name when no others are around.