Lodo Ashe

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Lodo Ashe

Uniforms 1.gif Species Trill
Gender Male
Birthdate 5903.04
Birthplace Trill
Rank Captain
Insignia Captain
Access Code
Access Level
SN 1080716-001-1
Status Deceased
Played By Chaucerin

Service Record

  • 7705.25 Graduate, Starfleet Academy. Ranked 215th out of a class of 729.


Awards and Commendations

Adm-Com-mini.jpg     SFC-Com-mini.jpg     Silver-Star-mini.jpg     Purple-Heart-mini.jpg    
Commendation Commendation Silver Palm Purple Heart


  • 7706.15 to Ensign
  • 8411.20 to Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • 8702.29 to Lieutenant
  • 10311.26 to Lieutenant Commander
  • 10807.16 to Commander
  • 10812.21 to Captain

Personnel Record

  • Species:
    • Primary Race: Trill
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 49
  • Hair Colour: Black w/ grey
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Height: 1.97 m
  • Weight: 108.00 kg
  • Other Physical Characteristics: Physically imposing, Ashe is a powerfully built, athletic man just starting to show his years. Usually wears short hair and a beard.
  • Birthplace: Trill Home World
  • Birthdate: 5903.04
  • Father: Torgin Sevaeus
  • Mother: Hella Sevaeus (deceased)
  • Siblings: -
  • Spouse: -
  • Children: -

Personal History

Lodo Sevaeus was already in Starfleet when he was selected as an emergency replacement for the host of the symbiont known as Ashe. While serving on board USS Sturgeon the Chief Medical Officer, Naedren Ashe, was killed in combat. The Ashe symbiont needed to be transplanted to another host or perish as well. Lodo Sevaeus was the only candidate as there were no other Trill crew members serving on the Sturgeon. With no other medical options, the joining was permanent despite Sevaeus never having been screened by the Symbiosis Commission.

A competent but uninspired officer, Lodo was changed dramatically when paired with Ashe. The unremarkable man gained great motivation, insight, wisdom and many of his natural abilities reached their full potential. Like many joined Trills, Lodo Ashe became something of a polymath; knowledgeable in many fields and possessed of a natural charisma brought on by three centuries of experience.

The joining also provided a boon to Lodo Ashe's career, allowing him to move into positions he believed to be off limits to Lodo Sevaeus. This culminated in his exceptional assignment as the CO of the Sovereign Class USS Equilism while still holding the rank of Commander. Ashe was briefly reassigned to a classified Special Operations group but then resumed his role as Captain of USS Equilism Captain.

While not usually known for his sense of humor, the addition of the Ashe symbiont has given Lodo an eccentric character that some find humorous. Like many joined Trills, Ashe has a sense of calm and philosophical awareness from the combined experience of both life forms.

Education Background

Lodo Sevaeus entered the Starfleet Equivalency Institute on Trill when he was 16. This curriculum, plus a truncated two year assignment to the Academy saw him graduate at the age of twenty with a specialization in Tactics and Security with a minor emphasis in Engineering.

During his early career, he qualified as a Flight Control Officer.

After being joined and becoming Lodo Ashe, he quickly challenged a number of Starfleet qualifying exams and became rated in Operations, Advanced Space Sciences, and Advanced Engineering. Ashe also received certification as Starfleet field medic. While serving aboard USS Sturgeon, Ashe passed the Command Officer exams and qualified for service as a bridge watch officer.

Additional Expertise

Ashe continues to place the same high emphasis on Tactical and Security training as he did when he was Lodo Sevaeus. Ashe is rated as an instructor in small arms (meaning he has qualified as expert on all current Starfleet-issued weapons) and a master instructor (rated as expert or higher in five distinct forms martial arts) of unarmed combat. Ashe is also designated as 'expert' in the areas of advanced starship tactics and starship weapons design/operation.

This training, combined with his impressive physical skills has made Ashe one of the most capable combat officers in the fleet.

Like many joined Trills, Ashe's exceptional lifespan also makes him something of an expert on general history, but he has no official credentials as such. Further, Lodo has access to several lifetimes worth of training and information through the memories of the preceding hosts of the Ashe symbiont. This information can be useful, but beyond the most recent hosts, it is not something on which he has complete recall.

Ashe has been rated within the 90th percentile on general intelligence tests among Starfleet personnel. As Lodo Sevaeus, he was consistently ranked no higher than the 48th percentile.

Command Profile

Ashe draws on a great deal of experience from his own career and the experience of his antecedent hosts. Most notably, the experience of Commodore Alban Ashe of the USS Appomattox in the mid 23rd century has informed Lodo Ashe's sense of being a Captain.

Ashe tends to be old fashioned as a commanding officer. He expects strict adherence to protocol, a very tight chain of command and absolutely no question of who is in charge of what he sees as his ship and his responsibility.

Ashe isolates himself from the crew, believing that a Captain is better served by being a distant figure standing apart. He will avoid unnecessary social gatherings but will tend to cultivate one or two non-command officers as friends.

Medical Profile

Joined with the Ashe symbiont in an emergency procedure after the death of Dr. Naedren Ashe.


Ashe's oldest friend in life is Chief Petty Officer Tom Nimbus. By coincidence, early pressure by Nimbus and later pressure by Ashe, the two have served at least some time at every assignment since Ashe first entered Starfleet. To Ashe, Nimbus is a mentor and a second father.

The old Chief Petty Officer deferred his retirement to take on the position as Ashe's personal aide.


Lodo Ashe was reported killed in action during a classified operation for Starfleet Intelligence. While the details and body have not been released, it is known that Ashe apparently received a severe head wound which was not immediately fatal, but beyond the ability of any medical procedure to repair.

Lodo's body and the Ashe symbiont were rushed to earth. The symbiont was then joined with a new host, Hozet Ashe a veteran member of Starfleet Medical. Lodo Ashe was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart. Rumor has it other honors may be applied when and if the action surrounding his death is declassified.

In certain circles of high security clearance, the death of Lodo Ashe has become something of hotbed for conspiracy theories. While Lodo was admitted to emergency care at Starfleet Medical on Earth and could not be revived, an official certificate of death has yet to be issued. The medical staff who worked on trying to save him have apparently reported wildly conflicting accounts of the event and the file has been sealed at the direction of the head of Starfleet Operations.

The one man who might know the story is Hozet Ashe the physician who lead the efforts to save Lodo and the new host for the Ashe symbiont. Hozet has not discussed the matter and the rumours of the mysterious circumstances have started to filter down to rear-Admirals and some Captains.