Kemaris Station

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Kemaris Station

Registry Starbase 447
Class Spacedock
Launched 10808.01
Home Base Kemaris Station
Status NPC
Location Delta Quadrant
Affiliation Starfleet

Cast & Crew

Senior Staff

Position Rank Name Player
CO Vice Admiral Alis Rimo Tarlisea
SM - Tarlisea

General Staff and Residents

List of Kemaris Station NPCs

Station History

Starbase 447 was build by Starfleet as a home base for exploration in the Delta Quadrant.

Deck Designations

  • Decks 125-140: Starfleet Training Facility (Academy)
  • Deck 147: Shooting Range
  • Deck 333: Shipyard Lounge
  • Deck 1900: Delta Dump


  • Home port for the USS Equilism.
  • Diameter: approx. 3.8km
  • Height: approx. 5.5km