Kappa Jua system

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The Kappa Jua system is a binary star system located in the Delta Quadrant, within Starfleet's area of operations. It is located within 20 light years from the Federation wormhole. The twin stars are orbited by five planets and several minor orbital bodies.

The Kappa Juan civilization is based on the second planet of the system. Early Starfleet exploratory vessels detected radio emissions belonging to a pre-warp civilization from the solar system, and subsequent Federation vessels steered clear off the system in the interest of the Prime Directive. Once the USS Polo detected a warp signature from the system, Starfleet assigned the USS Equilism to make first contact.

Components of the solar system include

  • Kappa Jua Alpha (primary star)
  • Kappa Jua Beta (companion star)

In addition to the primary planets, the usual combination of moons, dwarf planets, and small solar system bodies is found in the system.