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'Stardate 10807.16'

Hepron Station

Jerry had arrived at Hepron Station with one of the many ships heading towards it. He just came from Starfleet Headquarters where the new mission had been set up and prepared. Now he was on Hepron Station at the one side of the newly discovered wormhole. Jerry couldn't take a break because he had some duties to do.

The Fleet Admiral tapped his combadge: "Computer, locate captain Ashe."

"Captain Ashe is aboard the USS Equilism," the reply came.

'Right, I could have known that. Where else would a captain of the flagship be just prior to departure?' Jerry thought.

USS Equilism

Jerry arrived at the USS Equilism and was granted access by the Security Officer which was guarding the docking port. He walked through the port and entered the Equilism. Then he headed for the bridge.

Ashe had ended the tour with the Trill ambassador and left him in his quarters. Now he was back at the bridge and sat in the captain's chair. Everything was ready to depart and the only thing Ashe needed was the admiral's orders to set a course through the wormhole.

Jerry walked through the corridors and nodded to all the crewmen and officers working. He knew it was odd an Admiral walking through the corridors without the commanding officer present. He entered the turbolift and headed for the bridge. The doors opened and Jerry looked around the bridge.

Ashe looked at the viewscreen at all the crews working outside and smiled. He realized this was probably one of the biggest steps Starfleet had ever set and he was the commanding officer of the flag ship. It was a great sensation.

Then he heard the turbolift doors open behind him and looked around. Behind them was Fleet Admiral Jerry Taylor. Ashe stood and said: "Welcome on the bridge, Admiral."

It wouldn't be a normal mission. Jerry knew that. This would be one step into a new era for Starfleet. The exploration of the Delta Quadrant on the other side of the wormhole.

"Thank you, Captain Ashe I presume?" Jerry said as he remembered the face from the personnel file. "I'm Fleet Admiral Jerry Taylor. I see everyone is working very hard to get ready to go."

Ashe shook the admiral's hand. "Yes, Sir. I am pleased to report that all hands are standing by to take the giant step towards the Delta Quadrant. At first they weren't very happy about it, but now they are all very eager to get through. Everything stands ready for your orders, sir." Ashe offered the Admiral the Counselor's chair as he was not present yet.

Jerry accepted the chair but waited to sit down. "The decision wasn't an easy decision and I certainly won't be a normal mission. But that's where we are all Starfleet Officers for. Especially the crew of this ship. The USS Equilism will officially be Starfleet's Flagship in the Delta Quadrant, Captain."

Ashe smiled. This was what he had been dreaming of for years. "None of Starfleet's missions are normal, Sir. Everyone has it's own character, dangers and charms. This mission is just several thousand lightyears away. I am glad Starfleet has decided to make the Equilism the flag ship. I think she is ready for it."

"Captain, I'm sure she is." Jerry smiled and felt his heart pounding of excitement.

When Jerry arrived at Hepron Station he was informed the fleet was ready to go through the wormhole so now he could give Ashe the order to lead the fleet through.

"Captain, the ship is yours, get the fleet through the wormhole," Jerry said and sat down in the Counselor's chair. Now would be the time for the new era to begin. The beginning of Starfleet Delta.

Ashe stepped towards the middle of the bridge and ordered: "OPS, open a channel to the entire fleet."

[Once channel is open]

"Fleet, this is an important moment in Starfleet history. A famous human once said: "This is a small step for a man, but a giant leap for mankind." Let us go through the wormhole with these words in our head. All ships follow the USS Equilism through the wormhole.

Make sure the two transport ships are secured. Let's have a look in the Delta quadrant. Ashe out."

He turned to his bridge crew and said: "Alright people let's go. Helm, engage thrusters, set a course through the wormhole. OPS confirm the entire fleet is able to follow. Make it so." With these words he sat down in his chair.

"Alright Captain, here we go and good speech," Jerry grinned. Jerry sat back and watched the viewscreen. He saw the wormhole open and the ship enter. The view was magnificient. Colors and shapes all over the screen. It was a short ride and suddenly the colors were gone and all could see just stars. A vast bunch of stars on a black background.

"Captain, it looks like we made it through."

Ashe saw the inside of the wormhole slide by and enjoyed the view. This was truely beautiful. When the wormhole opened on the other side a whole new region of space to explore was in front of them.

"I believe so, Sir. OPS, send a message to the rest of the fleet to begin with everything as ordered. Science, start scanning the area. I want every star, planet, ship or piece of spacedust charted."

Jerry sat and watched the captain giving out the orders. The exploration would be in good hands with this flag ship, this captain and his crew.