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|birthdate = 5513.06
|birthdate = 5513.06
|birthplace = Trill Homeworld
|birthplace = Trill Homeworld
|posting = [[USS Equilism]]<br />[[Command|XO]] / [[CMO]]
|posting = [[USS Equilism]]<br />[[Command|CO]]
|rank = Commander
|rank = Captain
|rankinsignia= [[Image:R-o5.png|Commander]]
|rankinsignia= [[Image:R-o6.png|Captain]]
|accesscode= Alpha-Two
|accesscode= Alpha-Two
|accesslevel= 4
|accesslevel= 4
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* 11706.02 [[CO|Commanding Officer]]
* 11704.09 [[XO|Executive Officer]] and [[Medical|Chief Medical Officer]] at [[USS Equilism]]
* 11704.09 [[XO|Executive Officer]] and [[Medical|Chief Medical Officer]] at [[USS Equilism]]
* 11507.22 Removed to inactive
* 11507.22 Removed to inactive
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* 9206.25 to Lieutenant Commander
* 9206.25 to Lieutenant Commander
* 9611.11 to Commander (upon qualification as a bridge officer)
* 9611.11 to Commander (upon qualification as a bridge officer)
* 11706.02 to Captain
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*[[USS Equilism]]
*[[USS Equilism]]

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Hozet Ashe

Uniforms 1.gif Species Trill
Gender Male
Birthdate 5513.06
Birthplace Trill Homeworld
Posting USS Equilism
Rank Captain
Insignia Captain
Access Code Alpha-Two
Access Level 4
SN 1080716-001-2
Status Active Character
Played By Chaucerin

Service Record


Awards and Commendations



    Silver-Lifesaving-mini.jpg     SFC-Com-mini.jpg     Adm-Com-mini.jpg     Cap-Com-mini.jpg
Starfleet Surgeons Medal     Starfleet Silver Lifesaving Medal     Starfleet Command Letter of Commendation     Admiral's Letter of Commendation     Captain's Letter of Commendation


  • 8605.22 to Ensign (upon graduation)
  • 8812.01 to Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • 9007.01 to Lieutenant
  • 9206.25 to Lieutenant Commander
  • 9611.11 to Commander (upon qualification as a bridge officer)
  • 11706.02 to Captain


  • 11211.08 Got a field assignment to the position of Executive Officer while retaining the Chief Medical Officer position
  • 11111.22 Received clearance to become a bridge officer on the USS Equilism

Personnel Record

  • Species:
    • Primary Race: Trill
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 64
  • Hair Colour: White dreadlocks
  • Beard: White
    • Skin Color : Dark
  • Eye Colour:
  • Height: 2.05 m
  • Weight: 102.00 kg
  • Birthplace: Trill Homeworld
  • Birthdate: 5513.06
  • Father: Doil Atull
  • Mother: Hephress Atull
  • Siblings: None
  • Spouse: Michelle LaCroix (divorced)
  • Children: None

Personal Profile

Hozet (rhymes with pause it) Ashe is a recently joined Trill with thirty years of service in Starfleet. Despite his heritage, Hozet Ashe has lived most of his life on Earth having moved there thirty five years ago to join Starfleet and avoid personal entanglements arising from a controversial political background on the Trill home world.

In his Starfleet career of three full decades, Hozet Ashe (as Hozet Atull) has served on nine different starships and has twice been assigned to postings at Starfleet Medical. He has declined two offers to teach at the Academy and three times turned down promotion to in order to remain in the field.

Hozet Atull was approved for joining by the Symbiosis Commission on Trill when only twenty, despite having been part of a political movement to remove much of the power of the Commission and open it up to the free scrutiny of the secular government. Despite having described the Commission as "archaic" and "semi-religious", Atull was accepted for pairing with a symbiont. During his six years of eligibility he was never selected, pre-screened or interviewed for joining and was passed over may times by applicants with far less time on the roll of potential hosts. Disgusted with what he saw as political retribution for his dissent against the Commission, Atull left Trill (and a promising career at a prestigious surgical college) for Earth and enrolled in Starfleet at age twenty while completing his medical accreditation.

Atull was married to a human Starfleet officer for three years in his mid-thirties. They parted amicably and have no children.

Physical Appearance

Ashe is an very tall, whip-lean man who is very fit and active at sixty years of age. He is in the ninety-fifth percentile for fitness in his age group and is an accomplished long-distance runner.

Ashe is very dark complected which contrasts his full, white beard and long, white dreadlocks which are tied back.

Ashe prefers a command uniform variant with a red and black outer jacket and a grey undershirt. The jacket, reminiscent of his medical lab coat, hangs to mid thigh. Ashe is thus able to swap in a blue jacket when on duty in sick bay.

His unusual appearance led a colleague to comment that Ashe 'looks like a wizard...". It is not clear that this observation was meant to be complimentary.

Personal History

Hozet Ashe is the twelfth and latest iteration of the Ashe symbiont after the death of Starfleet Captain Lodo Ashe (nee Seveaus). Captain Ashe suffered a devastating head wound while on special operations assignment for Starfleet Intelligence and could not be saved. Just prior to the death of his body, both host and symbiont were placed in emergency stasis and returned to Earth.

The Trill Symbiosis Commission assigned another Starfleet officer, Doctor Hozet Atull to act as host for the Ashe symbiont. While nearly sixty, Atull was the only suitable, commission-approved Trill on Earth when Ashe arrived. Dr. Atull had been approved for joining almost forty years previous but was never selected during his regular period of eligibility.

Dr. Ashe is an accomplished officer, physician and scientist with over thirty years of medical experience, most of it spent in the field. Dr. Ashe has held a commission in Starfleet for twenty six years and is a rated bridge officer.

Family History

Dr. Ashe was married briefly to a colleague at Starfleet Medical. The couple separated amicably almost twenty-five years ago and maintain a strong friendship. Ashe has no children or siblings, but both parents are still living.

Education Background

Ashe is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, where he graduated as valedictorian. He studied further a the Vulcan Science Academy Institute for Xeno-Biological Research and the Moscow New School for Trauma Treatment and Recovery. During his residency in England, Ashe received a PhD in evolutionary biology from Cambridge.

Ashe hold certificates from Starfleet Medical in General Medicine, Trauma and Field Medicine, Viral Pathology, Emergency Aide Management and the emerging field of Medical Nano-Technology.

As a Starfleet officer, Ashe also has basic training in general starship operations, is a rated flight control officer and has been a rated bridge watch officer for almost twenty years.

Since being joined with the Ashe symbiont, Hozet has become deeply interested in philosophy and various systems of mysticism and theology. While agnostic and a trained scientist, Ashe's own process of becoming a joined consciousness has opened him to experiences and outlooks that he would have previously dismissed.

Medical Profile

Dr. Ashe is in excellent physical condition, owing to a rigorous routine of exercise and long distance running.

As the host of a symbiont Trill, Hozet Ashe has the common physiological peculiarities that results from most symbiont joinings.