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|birthdate = 9109.19
|birthdate = 9109.19
|birthplace = Ilvia, Bajor
|birthplace = Ilvia, Bajor
|posting = [[Cadet]]<br/>[[Starfleet Academy]]
|posting = N/A
|rank = [[Cadet]]
|rank = [[Cadet]]
|rankinsignia= [[Image:W-c1.png|Cadet]]
|rankinsignia= [[Image:W-c1.png|Cadet]]
|accesscode= Delta-One
|accesscode= N/A
|accesslevel= 1
|accesslevel= N/A
|serialnumber = 1100606-001-2
|serialnumber = 1100606-001-2
|status = Active Character
|status = Inactive Character
|playername = Randgriz}}
|playername = Randgriz}}
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* 11507.22 Removed to inactive
===Awards and Commendations===
===Awards and Commendations===
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*[[Starfleet Academy]]
*[[Starfleet Academy]]

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Enian Vael

Uniforms 7.gif Species Bajoran/Cardassian
Gender Male
Birthdate 9109.19
Birthplace Ilvia, Bajor
Posting N/A
Rank Cadet
Insignia Cadet
Access Code N/A
Access Level N/A
SN 1100606-001-2
Status Inactive Character
Played By Randgriz

Service Record


  • 11507.22 Removed to inactive

Awards and Commendations


  • 11206.12 to Cadet 4th Class

Personnel Record

  • Species:
    • Primary Race: Bajoran
    • Secondary Race: Cardassian
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 28
  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Height: 1.85 m
  • Weight: 82.00 kg
  • Other physical characteristics: Enian Vael is a tall and powerfully built man who puts considerable effort into his fitness, with a light, tan skin tone and blue eyes. As a hybrid, Vael has both Bajoran and Cardassian facial, shoulder and chest ridges, however, they are less pronounced than typical of either species. His hair is black and slicked back. He always wears the characteristic Bajoran religious earpeice.
  • Birthplace: Ilvia, Bajor
  • Birthdate: 9109.19
  • Father: Gul Narale (Cardassian, deceased age 50)
  • Mother: Enian Marra (Bajoran, age 41)
  • Siblings: Enian Ryshell (Bajoran, half sister, age 22)
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None

Family History

Enian Marra, Enian Vael's mother, was born in the city of Ilvia in 2348 during the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor. At the age of 19 she joined the Bajoran Resistance Movement, after the Occupational Government of Bajor arrested her husband Enian Kaval with little cause and handed him to the Cardassians. He was never seen again, leaving their daughter Ryshell fatherless. During her time in the resistance, Marra infiltrated the occupational government in Ilvia as a spy, feeding information to the insurrection. In 2368, she initiated a romantic relationship with the Cardassian administrator of Ilvia, Gul Narale.

Gul Narale was a Cardassian veteran of the Occupation, who had served the state faithfully for most of his life. However, Gul Narale confessed to Marra that he was consumed with guilt and no longer believed the occupation was justified. Marra sympathized, but did not confess her membership of the Resistance to Narale, fearing that he was merely lying to test her loyalty.

In 2369, on the eve of the Cardassian withdrawal from Bajor, Gul Narale, driven by remorse, committed suicide. Marra was distraught, believing that she could have turned Narale into an informant for the Resistance if she had revealed herself to him, giving him a chance to repent for his sins, perhaps preventing his suicide. Adding to her woes, she then learned she was carrying Narale's child. Upon Vael's birth, Marra was discredited, even called a collaborator by some; few believed that Narale had truly been regretful, instead claiming that Marra had either been manipulated, or worse, treacherous.

In 2380, Marra married Yavar Bek. Vael enjoys a good relationship with both his step-father and half-sister.

Personal History

Thus, even from birth, Vael carried two stigmas, both for his Cardassian blood and for being the son of a "collaborator". He has always suffered varying degrees of discrimination from a vocal minority on Bajor, but Vael now carries his bearing of these trials as a point of pride.

He performed well during his education, eventually completing higher education at the Bajoran Institute of Science, but was cautioned by the law on numerous occasions as he grew up for losing occasionally losing his temper with bigots who insulted his genes or his mother and resorting to violence.

It was glamorous, heroic, and ludicrously exaggerated stories of the Dominion War which first drew his interest to Starfleet as a child. Even after acquiring a more realistic outlook Vael's interest in space exploration never left him, and he left Bajor shortly after graduating from the institute for the Academy.

Personal Profile

Enian Vael is highly intelligent, possessing a keenly analytical mind (bordering on the paranoid) common among the devious, calculating Cardassians. He is quick to react and not easily thrown off guard by difficult situations. His difficult background has made him determined and brave, but he can be overly headstrong and prideful. When pushed too far in the past, he has displayed a viscous temper.

Vael is competitive, extrovert and confident, with a passion for sports and strategic games. His sporting hobbies include Springball, Football, Running and Basketball, as well as Kotra, Chess, Poker and Kal-toh. Outside of sports he also enjoys many forms of literature and music (particularly Human and Bajoran music).

Perhaps uncharacteristically, Vael is a devoted follower of the Bajoran faith, praying to the Prophets for guidance daily.