Chloe Frazer

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Chloe Frazer

Uniforms 28.gif Species Human
Gender Female
Birthdate 8311.22
Birthplace Donatu V
Posting N/A
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Insignia Lieutenant Commander
Access Code N/A
Access Level N/A
SN 1100606-001-1
Status Inactive Character
Played By Randgriz

Service Record


Awards and Commendations

Silver-Lifesaving-mini.jpg     Cap-Com-mini.jpg    
Starfleet Silver Lifesaving Medal     Captain's Letter of Commendation


  • 11211.17 to Lieutenant Commander
  • 11110.26 to Lieutenant for exemplary service
  • 11103.17 to Lieutenant Junior Grade for exemplary service
  • 11006.07 to Ensign
  • 11006.07 to Cadet 1st Class
  • 11006.07 to Cadet 2nd Class
  • 11006.07 to Cadet 3rd Class
  • 11006.07 to Cadet 4th Class

Personnel Record

  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 36
  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Eye Colour: Ice blue
  • Height: 1.72 m
  • Weight: 63.00 kg
  • Birthplace: Donatu V
  • Birthdate: 8311.22
  • Father: Drew Frazer (deceased, age 52)
  • Mother: Abigail Paige (deceased, age 48)
  • Siblings: Lee Frazer (deceased, age 17), David Frazer (deceased, age 22)
  • Spouse: -
  • Children: Charlie Frazer (deceased, age 2)

Physical Appearance

Chloe's pale skin, cold demeanour and even colder stare earned her the nickname of "Ghost" at the academy. A light scar cuts vertically across her right eye, and her raven black hair is cropped short with a sideswept fringe. She appears to be slight, but she is actually in very good physical condition, as some of her enemies at the academy discovered to their cost.

Personal History

Chloe Frazer comes from a Federation colony near the Klingon border, Donatu V. She lived in a small mining town some few miles from the main colony. The Frazer family were among the first colonists of the planet, and have a long history as miners. Chloe's grandfather Jack fought in defence of his home-world during the Battle of Donatu V in 2245. During her childhood Chloe was an outgoing, sociable, active, albeit fiery young girl, with two younger brothers. She discovered her love of tinkering after playing with her father's toolbox, and eventually decided she wanted to be an Engineer.

At the age of nineteen, she became pregnant by a man unknown to the records, and kept her child, to the chagrin of her family. Charlie Frazer was born 9 months later. While Chloe was overjoyed by the birth of her son, she regarded it as the end of her ambition to join Starfleet. However, tragedy struck three years later.

On a routine shuttle trip to the main colony transporting the month's ore, another shuttle, piloted by Klingon pirates, intercepted them. The Klingons took the ore, before slaughtering the Frazer family. Chloe, though badly wounded, survived. She has recovered to a near perfect state physically (with the exception of a light vertical scar over her right eye, which she refuses to have removed), but was diagnosed with several mental problems such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Over the next two years, Chloe seemed to recover, but the friendly, bubbly girl was gone, and was replaced with a cold, vengeful loner, with a deep hatred for the Klingon race. With no family left, she headed to Earth to join Starfleet.

Education Background

Chloe was taught the majority of her engineering skills from her father. She attended the local school on the colony, and was among the highest in her class, particularly in sciences. Upon graduation, she attended an engineering college on Mars, coming out with flying colours (and a love of scotch), before returning to Donatu V to work with her family. After the massacre, she sold the family business and went to Starfleet Academy, breezing through the engineering course, most of which she had already covered on Mars. While her grades were third in her class, Chloe was almost thrown out of the academy the day before graduation for attacking two cadets who had been teasing her, but was saved by her Professor, who believed in her potential.

Medical Profile

At the age of twenty Chloe gave birth to a healthy baby boy. She remains silent about the father's identity.

After she survived the murder of her family, Chloe Frazer was treated for three weapon burns to the stomach and a stab wound. She was also cut with a Klingon knife across the right eye, but declined to have the scar removed. In addition, she suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and depression for two years after the incident. Though they were rare, she has had occasional self-destructive rages which have consisted of punishing exercise routines and heavy consumption of alcohol. During her time in the academy concerns about potential sociopathic tendencies were raised about the troubled young woman, but she passed a series of psychiatric tests and the matter was dropped.

Career History

On stardate 11006.07 Chloe was promoted to Ensign, and her engineering talents got her a place as Engineering Officer on the USS Equilism. Following the Equilism's first contact mission in the Kappa Jua system Chloe was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and became Chief Engineering Officer following the departure of Lieutenant Efraim al-Rahman ibn Sahl. Following the later sabotage of the Equilism's computer, Chloe's actions under pressure alongside Jethro Schofield earned her another promotion and the Starfleet Silver Lifesaving Medal, after she assisted CMO Hozet Ashe during an emergency surgery in Engineering.

Chloe rarely socialises with the other crew in general, preferring a solitary existence, with the exception of a few close friends. In her free time, she often uses the holodeck for combat training simulations and maintaining a high level of physical fitness, or keeps track of the latest developments in starship technology.