Arikk Kutter

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Arikk Kutter

Uniforms 2.gif Species El Aurian
Gender Male
Birthdate approx Earth year 1658
Birthplace El Auria
Posting Kemaris Station
Rank Lieutenant
Insignia Lieutenant
Access Code Alpha-One
Access Level 3
SN 1080716-001-2
Status Inactive Character
Played By Chaucerin

Service Record



  • xxxxx.xx to Ensign (from Academy graduation through service on USS Istari)
  • xxxxx.xx to Lieutenant Junior Grade (promoted and transferred to USS Oppenheimer)
  • 10810.06 to Lieutenant (promoted and transferred to Kemaris Station)

Personnel Record

  • Species:
    • Primary Race: El Aurian
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 721
  • Hair Colour: Dark brown
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Height: 1.77 m
  • Weight: 79.00 kg
  • Other Physical Characteristics: Kutter is of slightly above-average height with a lean, fit build. He has short, dark hair, is clean shaven and is rather meticulous about his appearance. With large, dark eyes and an easy smile, Kutter is typical of El Aurians in being easy to approach and easy to communicate with. Like most of his kind, Kutter looks entirely human; he is often mistaken for being Arabic or Persian. Kutter bears the El Aurian trait of his appearance not reflecting his age – he appears to be in his early thirties.
  • Birthplace: El Auria
  • Birthdate: -
  • Father: - deceased
  • Mother: - deceased
  • Siblings: - deceased
  • Spouse: - none
  • Children: - probably

Family History

Education Background

Medical Profile

Kutter is in excellent health. Despite his advanced age (he is old by El Aurian standards), he appears in all respects to be a relatively young man.


Arikk Kutter has been a nomad for his very long life taking on dozens of careers across dozens of civilizations. Now in his ‘human’ period, Kutter has lived on Earth and its colonies since the 19th century.

For ease of use, Arikk pronounces his name as "Eric Cutter"

Personal Background

Arikk Kutter has a very long and rather varied history that would be too long to recount and that Kutter himself can no longer entirely recall.

Like many El Aurians, Kutter left the Homeworld at a young age and he has had very little contact with his kind for the last 700 years. There is no particular reason for this, but it is common among the El Auria. For the first century or two of his wanderings, Kutter was an unsavory character, and would likely have warrants outstanding in his name if any of the people who issued them were still alive, or if anyone from then knew his current identity.

In those early years, Kutter was a corrupt politician, a ruthless mercenary, the captain of a pirate starship, and a priest more interested in bribes than in blessings.

After drifting between a few different species, Kutter settled down into history as a profession and spent time on Andor and Vulcan, studying the history of the conflicts between those worlds. On the advice of the Vulcan Ministry of Science, Kutter decided to study Earth. Kutter arrived on Earth in 1911 determined to witness and chronicle the development of the species. Rather disgusted by the onset of the First World War, Kutter traveled to Arabia (modern Iran) and lived as a Bedouin under the name of Wariq Kadar.

In 1940, Kutter traveled to Poland to record the coming Holocaust under the guise of a British Jew under the assumed name of Eli Silverman. In this role he not only wrote the history of the Nazi occupation of Poland, but joined a number of resistance cells in the Warsaw ghettos.

From that point onward, Kutter alternated between the aliases of Eric Cutter and Ahmed Zewail al'Ahmed. Kutter left Earth for Vulcan after First Contact, returning in 2315.

Kutter joined Starfleet as a cadet in 2369.