Aldous Eric Hitchens

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Aldous Eric Hitchens

Uniforms 11.gif Species Human
Gender Male
Birthdate 5110.03
Birthplace Portsmouth, United Kingdom, Earth
Posting Academy Commandant
Starfleet Command
Rank Vice Admiral
Insignia Vice Admiral
Access Code Alpha-Two
Access Level 5
SN 1080716-001-3
Status Active Character
Played By Chaucerin

Service Record



  • 11202.28 to Vice Admiral
  • 9903.12 to Rear Admiral
  • 9701.23 to Commodore
  • 8809.29 to Captain
  • 8411.11 to Commander
  • 8202.25 to Lieutenant Commander
  • 8002.23 to Lieutenant
  • 7812.25 to Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • 7701.12 to Ensign

Personnel Record

  • Species:
    • Primary Race: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 68
  • Hair Colour: White
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Height: 1.90m
  • Weight: 104 kg
  • Other Physical Characteristics: Hitchens is a tall, solid man with a calm demeanour and almost paternalistic features. Not exceptionally fit, Hitchens has the look of a serious person who thinks about serious things. He wears his white hair at medium length, with a perpetual lock hanging down his forehead. He is clean shaven.
  • Birthplace: Portsmouth, United Kingdom, Earth
  • Birthdate: 5110.03
  • Father: James Christopher Hitchens
  • Mother: Annatolia Hitchens (nee Apostos)
  • Siblings: Sean (brother), Petra (Sister)
  • Spouse: Francine Mirabelle
  • Children: Alexandra, Christina (daughters)

Family History

Aldous Hitchens was born in Portsmouth, England to James and Anatolia Hitchens in 2328.

After completing his public education, Aldous enrolled in the Academy and finished third in his class. In his second year at the Academy, Hitchens met and married Francine Mirabelle. Hitchens and Mirabelle have two daughters, both of whom are now grown.

Hitchens has five grandchildren.

Hitchens and Mirabelle recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary.

Starfleet Background

Hitchens was a something of a "wonder kid" in his early days, widely considered to be on a quick path to the Captaincy. Hitchens became Captain at the relatively young age of 37, commanding the Excelsior-class USS Concorde. At 42, his command career was cut short after a serious illness sidelined him for more than a year. While recuperating, Hitchens transferred to Starfleet Operations at San Francisco and then to the Academy as an instructor. Hitchens began by teaching introductory Starship Operations to the freshmen students, an assignment he has held onto his entire career.

Hitchens left the Academy for only three years, returning to command during the Dominion War. With the rank of Commodore, Hitchens commanded a battle group with his flag upon the Galaxy-class USS Abraham Lincoln.

Hitchens is a gifted administrator and educator, teaching interstellar political theory and political philosophy at the Academy for nearly twenty years. Taciturn and often stern, he will regularly make students work hard to earn his approval, accomplishing with small actions what others strive only to achieve by heaping praise.

Medical Profile

While generally enjoying good health, Hitchens was gravely ill for nearly a year after being exposed to micro-parasitic organisms while on an away mission. The effect was debilitating as the organisms prevented the haemoglobin in Hitchens' system from properly processing and attaching to oxygen.

After extensive treatment to his damaged organs and removing the very persistent parasites, Hitchens was returned to duty and has had no further illness of note.


Admiral Hitchens is the commander of record of the starship USS Spinoza, a Galaxy-class training vessel.